Digital Marketing Tactics for Freelancers

By Josh Hoffman, Contributor, on December 7, 2016

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When you imagine digital marketing tactics, what comes to mind? Google? Facebook? Websites and blogs?

Certainly, all these platforms and channels encompass digital marketing, but they’re just a means to an end. To understand digital marketing and how to leverage it for business growth and opportunities, we must first understand this “end.”

Define Marketing

Whether you use digital or offline means, marketing is the ability to establish and maintain relevance in target customers’ lives before they are ready, willing and able to hire you. Readiness means they’re prepared; willingness means they trust and believe in you as a service provider; and ability means they have the financial resources.

The goals of marketing are to prepare target customers’ to hire you, cultivate a relationship based on trust and belief, and develop precise targeting methods to ensure you reach people who can afford your products and services. Digital media happens to provide the most efficient and effective opportunities for achieving these goals at scale.

Marketing in Action

When it’s time to create a strategy of digital marketing tactics, you want to first develop a content strategy. That is — what are you going to share with your target customers?

With the goal of preparing clients to hire you in mind, your content should educate and inform your customers about the benefits of your services. However, most people make the mistake of focusing on their services, rather than what their services represent (the benefits). If you’re a graphic designer, for example, don’t talk about logos; talk about branding, and how it enables a business to command more money for a product or service than what’s common in the marketplace. A logo is simply the means to this end, so focus your content on the “end” of your services.

When creating content, speak in the language of your target customers. For example, business owners don’t care about logos; they care about opportunities to grow and expand their businesses. Talk in these terms.

Customize Your Digital Marketing Tactics

What’s your marketing strategy, and how will you get enough of the right people to see your content? Within your marketing strategy, identify the right platforms and channels for you based on which ones your target customers use. Then, analyze why your customers use each platform, and mold your content to fit their unique use cases, trends and features. For instance, if you use LinkedIn, it’s more advantageous to use LinkedIn Pulse to share content than using a third-party link.

The key to sharing content across various platforms and channels is persistent repetition, or what is known in the advertising world as the Rule of Seven. This rule states that the average customer must see a consistent message that resonates with them an average of seven times before they feel comfortable buying any given product or service. With this in mind, you must be persistent and consistent in creating and sharing original content that highlights the benefits (or the “end”) of your services to make people more comfortable with you and your services. By doing so, you’ll achieve the goal of cultivating a relationship based on trust and belief.

At this point, it’s simply a matter of time before your target customers are ready, willing and able to hire you. Either way, the overarching goal of marketing is to put yourself in a position to be top of mind, so you become the default person in their heads when they want or need your services.

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