The 4 Entrepreneurial Podcasts I Love Most

By Bethany Johnson, Contributor, on December 7, 2016

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When it comes to consuming smart, actionable business advice, there are two problems: First, there’s simply too much information out there for freelancers take in. No one could read it all, even if there were more hours in a day.

Second: Frustratingly, there are more hours in a day. So much time is spent driving, doing chores, working out and walking the dog. Letting this time go by can aggravate business owners who’re used to consuming every morsel of time to benefit their independent brand.

Reclaim these moments by subscribing to entrepreneurial podcasts, and reap the benefits of having the best, most up-to-date information and advice. Here are my favorite four podcasts for starting and growing a freelance business without missing a beat.

1. Entrepreneur On Fire

The EOFire podcast is quite possibly the most inspiring podcast alive, because listeners aren’t hounded with impossible to-dos. Instead, you’ll find engaging, entertaining stories from business greats, like Michael Port, Nikki Elledge, Tony Robbins and, most recently, Michael Hyatt. Each candid, firsthand account is a rare gift. Guests are invited to discuss the moment they were ignited, their greatest “ah-ha” moment, colossal mess ups and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Takeaways are often left to the listener, sparing you the guilt trip and simply asking, “What can you do with what you’ve just heard?”

The best part? EOFire serves up a new episode every single day. Not only do you have freshies delivered daily, you can also access a database of about 1,500 archived episodes to browse when looking for answers on a specific topic.

2. Double Your Freelancing

The host of the Double Your Freelancing Podcast is Brennan Dunn, whose own freelance success story taught him a valuable lesson: Most creatives are not naturally business savvy. They may be coding ninjas, expert wordsmiths or visual arts gurus, but rarely are they excited to tackle the administrative side (think: taxes and contracts) or the marketing facet of business ownership.

Topics cover the feast-or-famine factor, leadership, sales tactics, productivity and more. At around 40 minutes per show, this one’s perfect for folding a few loads of laundry or cleaning the kitchen. And the podcast’s description is as punchy as the content within: “Better clients. More money. Happier life.”

3. Freelance Transformation

Matt Inglot, founder of Freelance Transformation, has owned and operated a consulting micro-agency for over 10 years. He relies on his own experience to teach other solopreneurs how to triple their rates and break free from defeatist thought patterns that bog down most freelancers.

Guests are pressed to divulge the true caliber of clients they aim for, how they funnel those clients and what exactly it takes to retain the ongoing, big gigs. In fact, he prefers the show not to be thought of as one of the many entrepreneurial podcasts out there, but rather an academic course in successful freelancing.

4. Accidental Creative

Each day, you sit down to your work space and tell your creativity, “Okay, go.” Too often, nothing happens. Panic creeps in. Your job is to produce brilliant stuff, so the pressure is on. “Go,” you repeat, a little louder this time. Still nothing.

Todd Henry knows the feeling. His podcast, The Accidental Creative, teaches artistic minds how to generate dazzling ideas on demand. Hundreds of entrepreneurial podcasts have come and gone in the last 10 years, while The Accidental Creative audience has steadily grown. One listen, and you’ll know why. Freelancers can expect to hear vital nuggets, like how to strike a healthy work-life balance, find meaningful work and gain clarity in your mission.

When you don’t have time to read all those business books on your shelf, entrepreneurial podcasts are perfect for learning just what you, as a freelancer, need to know while you’re busy with other tasks. What’s your favorite download or go-to show?

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